Few shows focus on finding out what kids think about when left to themselves but new performance installation LONE explores these musings through performance.

Created by a group of eleven kids, aged between 8 to 11 years old, LONE examines the worlds young people formas ­­their inner-sanctum. Co-creator of LONE, Emma Valente from theatre company The Rabble says the show asks the audience to recall and look attheir own childhood experiences.

“Effectively we were asked by St Martins to work with children as performers and creators and this led to each child designing a room and watching the child perform.”

Dealing with the difficult topic of loneliness and how to manage these feelings, Emma says the show touches upon how young people deal with it and how to cure it. And it provides the chance to understand more about the young person.

“From the audience’s perspective however people get the rare opportunity to spend time with a child you don’t know and see a show that the audience will find visually exciting.” Reflective of the short fictions that places safety, privacy, authority and the adult gaze under thoughtful investigation- Emma says the audience has much to gain from the show.

“What l’ve learnt through the process is how valuable time in your own imagination is – and not mediated through computer screens or phones. The children were uncomfortable with it at first... and we as adults forget as well. The show provides a reflective space where people can reflect on their own childhood”.


Location: The Artshouse, 521 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne

Dates: 8 - 17 June 2018

Times: Multiple sessions - see website for details

Cost: $25 - $35 (plus transaction fee)

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The Artshouse Website

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