Supporting the work of young and emerging artists, Alkanofer, a creative Melbourne start-up business, will open Alkanofer Season 3 Art Exhibition at the Meatmarket Stables in North Melbourne, this Thursday night, 18 April from 6 - 10pm.

Exhibiting a vast collection of artworks from young and emerging artists, Alkanofer Director and Curator, Brian Kim says the exhibition was established with the mission to support the next generation of artists.

“The exhibition tries to show their own world, their own genre, and deliver whatever art comes naturally to them. Each individual artist gets to set their own theme in this show.”

Featuring the work of 15 artists and 1 performance artist (singer/songwriter) the exhibition will have more than 100 works on show, in such mediums as installation, painting (oil/acrylic), watercolours, handcrafts and photographs.

Alkanofer’s Art Exhibition Season 3 will be held at the historic Meatmarket Stables, which is ideal for artworks, providing both a large venue, with natural lighting, antique setting and rooms with darker ambient lighting.

Alongside the artists they support, Alkanofer, is an emerging start-up business, with a business model that supports emerging artists by showcasing their work in economical and cost-effective exhibitions, with minimal costs to the artists. Most of the artworks will be on sale at the venue, with money raised through commissions reinvested into Alkanofer’s future work.

Attend the Alkanofer art exhibition Season 3 on opening night, Thursday 18 April on from 6-10pm, or see the exhibition till 24 April!


Dates: 19 - 24 April

Location: Meat Market Stables (2 Wreckyn St, North Melbourne) Times: 9am to 6pm daily Meatmarket Stables Website Alkanofer Website