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The Scottish play shows why it is the most relentless of Shakespeare's tragedies

Passion, power and desire all set the stage for a powerful theatre experience at this summer's Australian Shakespeare Company's production of Macbeth back under the stars in 2021.

Set against the dramatic backdrop of the Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne, Glenn Elston's Macbeth will envelope audiences in the blood, dark magic, sabotage, power and ghosts of eleventh century Scotland from the 30 January to 6 March 2021.

Working in it's stunning mix of mind games and manipulation, the play sees Macbeth (Nathaniel Dean) be influenced by his wife (Alison Whyte) to kill for the crown, after hearing of the prophecies of three witches.

The play centres on Lady Macbeth's yearning desire to be behind the man in power, before their consciences gets the better of them and everything they try to create comes crashing down.

Macbeth is widely known to be a play about the politics of Scotland and a monarch under threat during a moment of evolution. The play as distant as it may be from our world today reflects, the constant and ever-changing dynamics of current political situations.

William Shakespeare’s shortest but most relentless tragedy illustrates a different way of life from what society is currently accustomed to, but reflects deeply on our modern world.

"Despite being set hundreds of years ago, many of the themes in Macbeth are a true reflection of the world we live in today," says Glenn Elston OAM, founder and Artistic Director of The Australian Shakespeare Company.

"The politics of eleventh century Scotland, and its monarch under threat, shows that no matter our time or place in history, power will always cause turbulence".

The Company's "Shakespeare under the Stars" program offers something for everyone, having fast become an unmissable summer tradition for locals and visitors alike. This is a COVID-safe event.

See this year's production of Macbeth by the Australian Shakespeare Company before it ends this March!


Dates: 30 January - 6 March 2021

Location: Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Melbourne Gardens - Southern Cross lawns, 100 Birdwood Avenue, South Yarra

Times: See website for full times listing

Cost: $25 - $110

Shakespeare Australia Website

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