Few countries can throw a party like the French and few parties are as loved as the French National day celebrations of Bastille Day held on the 14 July, every year.

This year’s Bastille Day celebrations have taken a turn for the grand, hosting a two-day Festival, showcasing the best of French culture at the popular Meat Market venue in North Melbourne.

Hosted by the Alliance Française de Melbourne, the festival will have a range of stores, activities, and events to suit all tastes. The festival will be packed to the brim with French products and French inspired food, wine, live music, art exhibition, fashion, entertainment, along with master-classes, workshops, concerts and activities to entertain visitors of all ages and interests.

The festival’s main hall area will have roughly 40 different French market stalls, live music, puppet show and kids’ corner, while separate ‘stables’ and ‘meeting’ rooms will have the more than 20 workshops discussing everything French, from cheese, wine and Armagnac to how to swear ‘properly’ in French!

Bastille Day Festival 2017 Teaser

Musicians on show will include world music influenced, ‘Vive la difference’ and ‘Moogy’ who plays a late 1950s and 60s French Chanson music to ‘Belle Musette’ who will do the tunes of the French golden age, from the 1930s to 1960s. Another Melbourne based group, La Nuit Blanche will play French-inspired, gypsy sounds with a mix of accordion, guitar, Jazz and pop vocals and in direct contrast to the Melbourne Baroque Orchestra, who will bring their own classical sound to the two-day festival.

Organised by the Alliance Françoise de Melbourne, the city’s oldest French association in Victoria, the two-day event will also host an art exhibition of French artist in Melbourne, but for a full list of events, see the Bastille Day website.



Date: 15 - 16 July 2017

Time: 10am - 5pm

Place: Meat Market, North Melbourne, 5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne.

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