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Become The One is emerging playwright Adam Fawectt’s first play and was selected as winner of the 2018 Gasworks Playtime Stage Readings Event for Midsumma Festival. So, it is exciting to see this much-anticipated production directed by Lyall Brooks performed on-stage by Chris Asimos and Henry Strand.

Similar to the lovers Mimi and Rodolfo in the opera La Boehme, our play’s modern-day couple Noah and Tom must come to terms with the challenges many couples face when the realities of individual identity and sexuality emerge as first flush of love and physical attraction subsides.

Add to this the complexity of their relationship, with Tom being a celebrated Australian Football League (AFL) player nearing the end of his career and bringing with him all the trappings associated with notions of masculinity and his devotion to AFL players as ‘demigods’. Can Tom and Noah overcome the pressures this sporting celebrity brings and allow Tom to become ‘the one’ for Noah?

Become The One by Adam Fawcett (NSFW)

Shining a light on all the trappings of a modern-day love story with vibrant queer characters at its heart, Become the One blows a metaphorical ‘umpire’s whistle’ and let the game of life and love begin.

See Become the One at Gasworks Theatre this January and early February!


Dates: 31 January (Preview) - 9 February

Location: Gasworks Theatre (21 Graham Street, Albert Park VIC, 3206)

Times: nightly on 7.30pm or 4.00pm on weekends

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