Not all superheroes wear capes... But they do wear masks!

It has been a difficult time for many Melburnians.

While the lockdown 2.0 has now, well and truly set in, the ongoing increasing rate of infections of COVID19 has been a quiet, niggling problem that has just gotten worse as the days go by.

With some horror, many of us have seen the numbers grow daily, regardless of our best efforts to keep to the restrictions.

Well, now the volume of the pandemic has increased again, with the mandate to make wearing facemasks obligatory from this Wednesday, midnight.

While this may seem a 'no-brainer' for many people, especially those who have already watched the rate of infection steadily rise and particularly, in light of the growing 'unaccountable' community transmission in Melbourne, there still remains a group of people who want to resist this advice and not wear masks.

Why is that? Is it giving over of civil liberties (which we have already?) the further accepting of a pandemic or the plain old-fashion battle with science?

People always seem to want to battle the science. They seem to want to question every stage of the medical research (and there's heaps of research on masks) be it either on the ineffectiveness of masks, or usage, or both.

But the other, important point is, that even if one in ten masks isn't particularly effective, the accumulative effect of the majority of the population wearing facemasks shouldn't be underestimated. We are all better off with less airborne particles during a pandemic and we all live in a state where infection numbers need to go down. It really is up to all of us to make a difference.

I think once you accept that using a facemask will make the wider community much safer, the idea of giving up civil liberties goes by the wayside, as does the accepting of this pandemic being on our doorstep. It needs to stop. And here's how.

Wear a face mask. They are easy to wear. They can actually even be made from a scarf, bandana or even a recycled sock!

There are many ways of buying an ethical facemask see The Social Studio - Medical Scrubs or just find a local community group making them - there are many! A facemask doesn't need to be expensive but you do need to have it on in public.

So just consider yourself a superhero. There are possibly hundreds of different people who might benefit from your consideration, while also avoiding a $200 fine.

I just think we are so much bigger than fighting these restrictions, when really, we need to do everything we can to get this pandemic under control.

We've had bad luck enough in Melbourne with this second wave, let's turn the tide and stop infections in any way possible.

Carpe Diem!