Are we there yet with the lockdown 2.0?

There is a very real state that Melburians, now well into their third week of our second lockdown, may have now, and that is lockdown fatigue.

It is a bit exhausting remembering all the change we have at the moment.

What with the facemasks, hand sanitising, the self-isolation not to mention the curfew, or working from home or home schooling, life has been a mix of change and disruption, since about mid March, when the first lockdown started.

Mentally the strain of being in lockdown, especially Level 4 lockdown, doesn't really feel like much - till you've had about 3 weeks of it. Then it's just hard work, because while it doesn't seem like much change, and most people are quite accepting of the conditions, it is long enough to be sick of it and to have lost all the energy and optimism from when we first started.

Well at least we are midway and the end of the six weeks is closer everyday.

So there are always things you can do to stay afloat - and here are some of my favourites:

1. Make a (bloody) long list of things to do AFTER lockdown

There are so many things I am NOT going to take for granted after lockdown - I have started writing them all down! Just even the act of writing them down makes the (stress of) wanting to do them a bit easier. Mine starts with seeing all the family, going out to dinner and having a BBQ, even just going for a walk without a mask! But there are so many little things that if you find this frustrating - go on to the next suggestion...

2. Try to get a bit more exercise

As annoying as this is, walking in the recent sun we've had, and maybe clearing your head with a bit of fresh air, could be what you need. If you get exercise regularly, try a bit of interval running/walking or an uphill route, just to make it a bit more challenging. This is one you could even do at home but new terrain and some sunlight and fresh air are wonderful!

3. Try doing something creative

Have you thought of doing some cooking, writing, painting, sewing or anything that gives you a bit of creative liberty? Any one of these things can be googled and done self-taught as well as being very rewarding. You could also reach out online and find online groups that you could join to find a teacher or more support to do your new activity... these things are very rewarding things to enjoy. I can voucher that baking, one of my faves, is good for the soul too. It comes highly recommended.

4. Take some solace that the numbers are improving

While it seems that hundreds (or even thousands) Melburians have been following the positive numbers every day, it is GREAT to see that things are getting better! It may be slow improvement (and annoying watching all the stupid people that ignore the restrictions) with things getting better, we can all have hope that the restrictions will lift gradually... at least!

5. Seeking help if it's all too much

While it seems that it's all too much, and the lockdown has been a largely shit time for many, there can no doubt that better days will return. But if staying optimistic is too hard, give Lifeline Australia (ph: 13 11 14) or Beyond Blue (ph: 1300 22 4636). There is always help at hand.

Effectively, these are really difficult times for everyone. Remember to stay positive and to look out for each other- and remember that this too will pass.

Take care.