Seeing the finishing line in lockdown 6.0 - with no real finish!

Credit: Annie Spratt

I thought I had something to write on the lockdown. Something to express about the frustration in Melbourne and the lockdown and then my night at home, which really should have been a quiet night of going to bed and falling asleep - that then turned into a nightmare.

Thinking I had something to say, it seemed my neighbour, (who is a bit of a singing alcoholic off the edge of her balcony kind of person) well, she had something more loud and angry to say instead. She sang most of the start of the night - when I complained to her- but she continued more and more loudly and finished about 4am. Selfish but determined that everyone around her should be awake too.

This situation is quite hard at the best of times because really, it feels like all the demons of the lockdown are really on my doorsteps with her. A bit like a human thermometer, she really brought into focus the fact that I still have quite a few issues to manage from the lockdown.

Effectively, it goes without saying, that EVERYONE has to manage their own shit during lockdown. Unfortunately this also means that anyone dealing with any level of self loathing, during the lockdown, is going to have a particularly bad time during this - especially a lockdown 6.0. And - while I hate to be making assumptions about my neighbour - truthfully, her swearing and ranting off her balcony (to no one in particular), doesn't speak highly of her mental health.

Because everyone knows that one's mental health really suffers during lockdown. And if you are feeling like its sending you loopy or getting out of your control or things are too hard to manage - seek help. We are in a pandemic. We are all managing difficult and extraordinary circumstances. We should be able to say when we are struggling - because we all struggle - and this pandemic has been a long struggle for everyone both here in Melbourne and abroad.

So check in with yourself regularly - do you know how you are feeling? Can you face the next few days as well as the future? Have you got a few strategies for managing yourself? And if not - can you seek help and find at least someone to talk too? Being kind to yourself is the best start you can make.

Sometimes we do all get to a breaking point. If you feel like you're near it, had it or heading towards it - you need to do something. Be fearless and look after yourself. It's the best thing for you.

While there might be the hope of things opening up again and that we are getting out of lockdown in the next month of so - keep your reserves of strength up still... we aren't quite out of the woods yet.

Take care out there.

If you need help or need to talk to some one, please call Lifeline 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636.