And the spell was broken... Welcome 2021!

We got through 2020!

Crawling, stumbling and surviving, most of us got through 2021.

This isn't hyperbole (for me) or for many around me, it is just plain fact. But in retrospect it has made me more grateful than ever to appreciate all I have, be thankful for the liberties I enjoy, and more motivated to make it better for all people, both those around me and the wider world. I realised through the pandemic that we are all one people, and everyone deserves good health, good working conditions and that ultimately, we are all interconnected.

It was a year of bushfires, pandemics and lockdowns, not to mention the widespread unemployment, personal disasters and political upheaval that the world saw. Almost like President Trump was looking for a way for the world to bring him down, the world wonderfully rose to the challenge and unexpectedly a virus would wreak havoc throughout the world, bringing back our faith in science and highlighting our reliance on medicine and the health systems in our countries.

A year full of lessons with findings from the bushfires bringing home the need to fight for our native animals, the climate emergency, and the belief in the science behind it.

A lockdown to make one realise that we are all to some extent interconnected, and need to look out for each other. Be it support in getting our groceries, looking after the sick, or young or seniors, or just getting through our day, many of us realised that we can all make each other's day better. Melburnians I suspect were never more united than through the lockdown, with much of it being at personal sacrifice.

Survival took on new meaning as the people of Melbourne reassessed what was important and contemplated what actually makes life liveable and protecting the community ranked number one. And we got through the months of lockdown and became a stronger community for it. And we got through.

Thus the year that changed us all ended in a whimper and the endless 2020 ended. And we can all start again with new optimism.

And be proud not only because we got through, but because the best is yet to come. We have massive change to face and yet, having seen LOADS of massive change last year, we KNOW we can do this - we have got this - and deserve to improve upon our previous existence when we weren't so aware of the problems of the healthcare system or of frontline workers.

So PLAN your 2021 with a mission and create that magnum opus, novel, challenge, and get the reality you want!

Plan your success with a pen and paper, map out what you want to achieve and achieve gradually and you will get there - resolutions you might break but consciously creating new habits you might not, because reaching your goals is likely to make you happier in the long run too.

While we all need to look out for each other, we all deserve to be happier this year and start living our best lives, regardless or in spite of the circumstances that are outside of our control. Take stock, be kind to yourself but carry on, your goals are worth fighting for.

Carpe Diem & Happy New Year!