Two new shows at the Buxton Contemporary Gallery, National Anthem and A New Order

exhibiting from Friday, 8 March – Sunday 7 July 2019, celebrates the gallery’s one year anniversary.

Discussing issues of the Australian national identity, National Anthem, curated by Dr Kate Just, is one of two shows commissioned for a distinctive collection-based exhibitions that explore topical currents in the Michael Buxton Collection and the wider cultural landscape. The projects offer audiences opportunities to examine key moments in the recent history of Australian art and ideas that continue to shape the nation.

National Anthem brings together twenty-four artists across generations who critically address Australian national identity. This exhibition is built around key works held in the Michael Buxton Collection at Buxton Contemporary, as well as artworks sourced beyond the collection. It reflects on how the desire for a singular national identity often excludes Indigenous histories and denies the multiplicity of voices, cultures and experiences that enrich, contest and enhance Australian life.

Buxton Collection artists include Brook Andrew, Daniel Boyd, Juan Davila, Destiny Deacon, Tony Garifalakis, Tracey Moffatt, Callum Morton, Raquel Ormella, Mike Parr, Tony Schwensen and Paul Yore present works that challenge xenophobic, homophobic, misogynist and racist constructions of national identity.

The second exhibition, A New Order, gives us ways to join the dots and build connection between the works in the exhibition. A New Order brings together the work of twelve artists, spanning three or more generations since the 1980s, who step through the categories of painting, drawing, sculpture, video and installation.

‘Within the exhibition and the work of its twelve artists,’ says curator Linda Short, ‘we encounter many interconnecting themes. A will to order or react against it. A tendency for systematic and serial methods. A push and pull within processes that favour chance as much as rules. Patterns become structures that can be seen as something more than composition, as intrinsic to the content of a work or even as its central subject. Found materials are re-purposed and given new logics, from simple objects to complex systems like language. Time and space are also used as a kind of ‘assisted readymade’.

Showing exhibitions that both question and create, see National Anthem and A New Order at Buxton Contemporary before it ends this July!


Location: Buxton Contemporary (Corner Dodds St & Southbank Blvd, Southbank)

Dates: 8 March – 7 July 2019

Admission: Free

Times: Wed to Sun; 11am – 5pm, Thu; 11am – 8pm

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