The Otolith Group, O Horizon, 2018 (still). Courtesy of The Otolith Group and LUX, London © the artists

Offering compelling film narratives alongside installations that weave together strands of speculation and imagination exploring possible pasts and futures referencing science fiction, postcolonial histories, music, philosophy and scientific discovery, The Otolith Group presents, Xenogenesis at Buxton Contemporary on Friday 6 March until Sunday 21 June 2020.

Created through an international partnership of the Van Abbemuseum of Enidhoven, Netherlands and Buxton Contemporary, University of Melbourne present the London-based collective The Otolith Group. The Otolith Group is an artistic collective with Kodwo Eshun (1966) and Anjalika Sagar (1968).

This group will present their large-scale exhibition with five major works from 2013-2018 and includes: In the Year of the Quiet Sun 2013; Medium Earth 2013; Who Does the Earth Think it Is? 2014; Sovereign Sisters 2014; and O Horizon 2018.

The project title Xenogenesis is inspired by the African-American science fiction writer Octavia Butler’s influential trilogy published between 1987-89. Butler transcended the conventions of the genre, exploring social issues of empathy, climate catastrophe, hybridity, conservation and tribalism.

The Otolith Group, O Horizon, 2018 (still). Courtesy of The Otolith Group and LUX, London © the artists

Her writing unleashed a legacy of feminist thinking and new imagination from the late 1980's that influenced Donna Harroway, Sadie Plant and the Xeno Feminists and the Black Quantum Futurists, all of whom are key influences for the Otolith Group’s own work. It is then through the prism of this radical, generative Afrofuturist fiction that the exhibition can be seen and experienced.

The Group pictures a society in which screens have become part of the natural world, communication is global, culture is political, human identity is crucial but fluid and history has not ended. Their ongoing research-based collaboration draws from a wide range of resources and materials and supports inter-generational dialogue between artists and thinkers.

Xenogenesis is curated by Annie Fletcher, formerly Chief Curator at the Van Abbemuseum, and recently appointed Director of the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

For an exhibition that both explores the past and future, don't miss out on The Otolith Group: Xenogenesis, on till this June!


Dates: Fri 6 March 2020 - Sun 21 June

Location: Buxton Contemporary, the University of Melbourne - Cnr Dodds St & Southbank Blvd, Southbank

Times: Wed – Sun; 11am – 5pm.

Cost: Free entry

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