The Art of Venice is often an unknown quantity in Australia but this is expected to change with Exhibition on Screen's new film, Canaletto and the Art of Venice opening nationally on 2 August.

Offering a unique insight into arguably Venice's greatest artist, Canaletto, the film provides an immersive journey into his life and the art of Venice’s most famous view-painter.

Exhibition on Screen, film-maker, Phil Grabsky says the film makes the audience appreciate the artist in a new light. "Most people have a slightly superficial view of him [Canaletto] and think that his paintings are almost photographic, yet none of the photos are realistic."

Filmed around some of London's major art collections, Canaletto takes us inside two official royal residences, Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, and shows why Canaletto's work are considered the most iconic images of Venice today.

Highlighting how Venice has always been considered the fun city on the 'grand tour', Phil Grabsky discusses how the city is incorporated into the film's story, showcasing the one-of-a-kind collection the British Royal Collection has of Canaletto. Looking at the biography of the artist, and what he did and where he lived, the audience gets a greater feeling of the artwork and how the artist saw life.

"We want to encourage people to go to the gallery, and to know why it is special and why these works are considered a masterpiece. The craftmanship of these paintings are off-the-scale."

Committed to telling a story of worth, Canaletto allows viewers to see the artwork without the rush and bustle of a packed gallery. Confident that when people see this film they want to see more, Phil argues Canaletto holds an important place in the art world. "He is arguably the greatest Venetian painter to have lived and Turner and Monet were inspired by him. His paintings were avant-garde in his use of colour and even though they seem realistic they are not true and these paintings are constructed in the brain of the viewer."

"Great artist often look to the past to see what came before them...and the influence of Canaletto is just as strong, and he is in the timeframe of other great artists," says Phil.

For a film that is visually enticing and unique in its depictions of Venice - see Canaletto and the Art of Venice at Cinema Nova.


Location: Cinema Nova (380 Lygon St, Carlton)

Dates: Opens nationally 2 August. Showing 4 and 5th of August

Times: Times vary (4th and 5th showings: 11:00am)

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