Photographer: Mark Turner

The Big Top venue at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Melbourne Gardens is the perfect setting for the latest offering by Circus Oz, titled Aurora. Delivering an exciting and edgy new show, this is one show that has both traditional circus elements and modern dancing and singing, giving something to everyone to enjoy!

Beginning with the solo story of a travelling polar bear, your 70-minutes in this show, begins with exciting interactive fun before the show even starts. Slowing working itself up to bring to life the skits of little penguins, our singing polar bear, and a host of other characters who deftly acrobat their way into our hearts, this show has an array of different talents including jumping, hula hooping and headstands, among many others. Offering characters that clearly try to emphasise the effect climate change is having on animals, and the dreadful effects of plastic in our oceans, Aurora has a much bigger, broader message than that of your usual circus.

Photographer: Mark Turner

Featuring numerous skits that show the effects of rising sea levels, or plastic in the oceans, the show is full of environmental content while fleetingly covering it with a gentle dose of acrobat. One such example, is the 'radioactive' skit, which features the talent of one of the Circus Oz team balancing on one's head endlessly, which would seem a metaphor for modern day life, challenged by our everyday choices. Ultimately however the show whips up to an exciting crescendo of acrobats, demonstrating how the values of the climate emergency might be entwined into a circus performance in Aurora, all while keeping the kids and adults too, very happy.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars