There are always moments when seeing a new professional, particularly a medical professional, where you feel a bit out your depth in terms of how or what to explain about your condition. Then afterwards you wonder what it was all about.

Such was my experience with the Sports Doctor. Young, buff and fit, this whole office seemed to come straight out of an advertising catalogue. Filled with young pretty secretaries and young, brawn specialists and Sport Doctors, the place seemed accustomed to treating high-level athletes, so a regular, ohh-uhmmm wannabe runner may have been a step down for them, but I was keen to see what this specialist might say over my dodgy knee.

Asking about my regular exercise regime, level of fitness, injury and the long story since then, he heard it all, especially the last few, brief bouts of jogging, which I suspected would aggravate my knee and instead had improved and stabilised it, regardless of the running.

Most astutely, he asked what I expected from the treatment– because after seeing him, a full 10 months after the initial injury, there might be little he could do to improve it, effectively.

In response to this question, I said “realistically I know the extra knee swelling might not go down again to what it used to be, but I would like it strengthened and stabilised so that I can run on it and get back into training.”

He seemed happy with that and explained several avenues of treatment, and I quickly agreed to go see a new recommended physiotherapist. And with that, he approved for me to start my running again. And that was that.

Given the seal of approval – I agreed to take on the physio treatment quickly. There was a chance of a good knee and some fitness too!

But to spur me on my way – I recommend a climbing movie. Nothing like a bit of physical challenge viewing to get me to do a lame run!