There is always a point with running where we feel we might give up forever – and you might never go back. This came for me recently but not for the reason I expected.

It happened three days before my trip overseas. I twisted my leg suddenly and then the cramping began from behind. My knee developed a swell to the left side of the knee cap, and I thought of seeing a doctor, but I didn’t want to compromise my travels. The pain seemed to improve, and the cramping continued but I was still able to walk. I could still move around, and I thought, “l’ll be alright”.

And with a shoestring and a passport – I went to Europe. For six weeks.

Walking, running, trampling and going along all day and night (in cold weather mind you) for six weeks led to my left knee actually getting a bit better. It stabilised, and the swelling went down, and the pain subsided.

Coming back, I committed myself to finding a solution to the knee problem. The cramping and swelling remained, and a full round of visits to the x-rays, ultrasound, and appointments continued -but nothing changed it or alleviate it. My liveable condition was easy to explain but nothing improved it.

Fortunately, I had lost a few pounds while abroad and regained a little of my fitness, but I still didn’t dare to go running. I didn’t want to aggravate my condition and still couldn’t stretch my knee properly anymore.

It took me another four months or so to finally see a physiotherapist. By then, I didn’t expect any silver bullets, but she also couldn’t remedy it much. At most, she did some massaging on my knee, which felt good but there wasn’t a great change either. However, she did advise me to go see a specialist – a Sport Doctor. And keen to find a solution – I have kept the name and will see them next week.

Since then however it has been ten months since the original sprain and swelling and I have recently gone out running twice. And committed to my running now – I will do it good or bad knee regardless. Here’s hoping.

Let’s see what the Sports Doctor has to say.