This year’s Fringe Festival will be one of the year’s biggest events but often there is little attention paid to the local artists participating in these events.

One such artist is Piotr Nowotnik, who is a music composer and sound designer, who has done the music for Fringe show ‘I Carry Your Heart’.

Inspired by music from the age of 6, Piotr says his grandfather was a huge influence on his musical journey. “My grandfather was an organist, composer, and choir director back in Poland – he was the one who aroused my music interest. In his time, he wrote over 2000 compositions including operas, chamber pieces and songs.”

Beginning under his grandfather’s guidance with guitar and piano lessons, Piotr completed a Masters in Music Composition from Victorian College of the Arts (University of Melbourne). “I performed and wrote music before commencing my degree, but I consider the completion of my studies as a stepping stone that confirms my further path as composer/musician.”

Piotr says he became interested in researching world music instruments once he arrived in Australia, and has worked on and performed on different musical instruments including Turkish saz, Egyptian oud, Polish hurdy-gurdy and worked with local artists to create a fusion of musical styles.

Excerpt from "The Seeker" - sonic poem for hurdy-gurdy solo (P.Nowotnik 2012 @ VCA, Melbourne)

Piotr’s work also includes making his own CDs, with ‘Moonrise’ being his third CD in Australia and fourth in general. “Moonrise took about a year to complete. It was a recap of few different chapters of my inspirations, including an arrangement of my older acoustic works, exercising my skills as a songwriter in a second language.”

Piotr describes the CD as more of an ‘anthology’ album, encapsulating a period of inspirations rather than a calculated and executed effort.

Piotr’s most recent projects have included the music for Fringe Festival show ‘I Carry Your Heart’ but he has also done an electronica duo collaboration ‘Letters to Nepal’ in New York and performed with trance artist Marlo Hoogstaten in Melbourne and Sydney last year.

Working on a range of projects, he is excited by the scope and potential of the projects coming his way. “The goals have that fleeting quality of changing their direction independently and regardless of our own will. Many of my musical experiences came across unexpectedly.”

“I would like to create live music project using a set of unique instruments within new contexts including jazz, classical, popular, folklore – simply, putting my last decade of experiences into use and see how the extension of my original ‘fusion band’ idea would sound like today.”


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