FUSE shows new ways to present a multi-arts festival

Darebin Council's well known new multi-arts festival, FUSE is continuing this spring with a unique array of free workshops and virtual participatory projects for music and history buffs, gardeners, artists and writers, and everyone in between. Activities on offer include:

History on High

Sept 22 – 6 October

Developed in collaboration with Darebin Libraries, History on High lets you explore diverse and rich local histories in a series of self-guided walks. The tours can be undertaken all at once or separately from Darebin’s ‘spine’ High Street: Queens Parade to Separation Street, Separation Street to Dundas Street and Dundas Street to Tyler Street.

The walks can be downloaded as a map or audio track from the FUSE website.

South of High Tour – Tuesday 15 September

Middle of High Tour – Tuesday 22 September

North of High Tour – Tuesday 6 October

Nobody Can Stop The Music Forum

26 September, 2pm

Darebin has long been a hotspot for live music, from dances at the Arcadia Ballroom and Northcote Plaza in the ‘50s and ‘60s to the high profile local, national and international acts that have played Darebin venues in more recent decades. To celebrate this musical history, this online event will see local musicians share their stories of live music followed by an interactive conversation with members of the public who will be invited to share their musical memories.

These stories will inform the content for Beats, Ballads and Ballrooms: Darebin Live Music Venues, 1955-2020, an audio tour to be launched in November that will bring listeners to key locations and reveal the songs and stories behind Darebin’s venues, past and present.

Hearts In Isolation: Live Zoom Mapping Workshop by Dan Goronszy (in English and Auslan)

24 October

This mapping project invites participants to create a map of the objects, spaces, elements, actions and words that have held their hearts afloat while in isolation, and encourages reflection on moments of comfort, laughter, solace and resilience. Guests will be guided through all steps of the mapping process and leave the workshop with skills and confidence to make heart maps at home. Participants need to bring an object and any other materials from around the home - paper, pens, pencils, textas, foil, fabric, sewing needles, crayons, cardboard, anything. Creating a Pollinator Friendly Garden

14 November

Celebrate Australian Pollinator Week (8-15 November) with this workshop by Darebin resident and founder of Buzz and Dig, Katrina Forstner. Participants will discover the amazing world of pollinators and learn how to get started in setting up a pollinator friendly garden. Australian Pollinator Week acknowledges important and unique insect pollinators. It is a designated week when community, business and organisations can come together to raise awareness of the importance of pollinators and support their needs.

Playwrights Bake Off November 25-26 A two-day rapid-fire playwriting challenge based on the methodologies of US playwright Paula Vogel and facilitated by dramaturg Mark Pritchard and playwright Ra Chapman, this quick and dirty workshop challenges ten playwrights to each write an entire play overnight and share with their peers the next day. The workshop aims to inspire writers to experiment with their practice, connect with other playwrights, and write. The plays will each respond to a classic play, extracting its essential elements and using them to write the first draft of an original script. The event is aimed at emerging and mid-career playwrights.

Find out more about all these events on Fuse Darebin's website.