Dazza and Keif return for the Fringe Festival

Subjects: Danni Ray and Keely Windred (Photographer: Alexis Desaulniers-Lea) (crop)

Dazza and Keif Go Viral trilogy returns this November, with the second instalment, Dazza and Keif Go Viral in Space with Ya Mum.

Playing online for three nights only, award-winning comedy duo Danni Ray and Keely Windred are back in the (vast) black as their much lauded alter egos, Dazza and Keif.

A quest for romance in the space age - Dazza and Keif Go Viral in Space with Ya Mum sees intergalactic heroes Dazza and Keif on a quest to save the world. Searching for some eligible extra-terrestrials, they enter a ballot to be on the first commercial trip to the moon. When things go awry, they forge ahead the only way they know how; with high-energy dances, hyper-masc homoerotic raps and a record-breaking number of jokes about pocket rockets. Their spaceship is ready. Wanna ride?

“After spending time being shell-shocked at the beginning of this year we thought about how we could continue to thrive in this brave new world. Since then we’ve created merch, a Patreon, performed in some online events and put on our own Instagram live shows every Saturday. We are essentially live performers turned digital creators.” explains Keely.

“We’ve found that the main challenge of the new format is throwing all our energy out into the ether and not having the instant feedback of a live audience. We definitely miss hearing laughter and cheering and groans of disgust.”, adds Ray.

Subjects: Danni Ray and Keely Windred (Photographer: Alexis Desaulniers-Lea)

"The accessibility is the true gift, though. There’s been so much positive feedback from people who wouldn’t make it out to a live show for any variety of reasons. Our reach is larger because people can jump on their computer and be transported to our whacky world, without even having to put pants on.”

Dazza and Keif Go Viral in Space with Ya Mum follows sell-out shows of Dazza and Keif Go Viral at the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and Bondi Feast. Running for a limited online season, if you haven’t experienced the entertainful wonderment that is Dazza and Keif, you’re simply not doing it right.

The show is written and performed by Danni Ray and Keely Windred, with Dramaturgy by Keziah Warner and produced by Tom Backhaus.


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Dates: 13 Fri November - 15 Sun November, 2020

Time: 8:30pm

Tickets: Audience for this event are invited to pay what they like (Full price tickets normally $25)

Duration: 65 mins, no interval

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