Diane Nguyen - Dirty Diana

Presenting a left-of-the-middle stand-up show, Dirty Diana, directed by Louise Joy Gorham, hits this year's Melbourne International Comedy Festival in a blaze of storytelling, song and dance. Covering an array of lively topics including her Mum, men, and her Mum's opinion on the topic of her and men, Diana Nguyen is mastering the art of talking dirty during the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Covering all the highs and lows of growing up with Vietnamese parents, she is the only female Vietnamese-Australian comedian performing at this years’ Festival, and has performed all over Australia and internationally with her co-created, 4.5 Star theatre show, Phi and Me and much lauded stand-up show, Naked.

Reminiscent of the Go-Go dancers of Saigon during the Vietnam conflict - who get several mentions in her show - Dirty Diana brings her cabaret style and possibly saucy comedy to the Melbourne International Comedy festival this month. Apparently, depending on how you pronounce it, DD can mean “go go” or “slut slut” – so both imputations can fit Diana’s show.

Locals will remember Diana’s appearances on TV, usually as just an “Asian” (the country wasn’t important) or as a prostitute, no racial stereotypes there? But true to the Victorian tradition, she is also an AFL (Australian Football League) devotee who also has appeared as a commentator in Vietnamese on the Footy Show.

Diane Nguyen - Dirty Diana

Her current show is more about her life and trials as a single Vietnamese girl who dreams of the perfect life with children - ten no less - as noted in the High School Yearbook but ends up childless much to the dismay of her mother. She ends up doing comedy instead, lamenting the demise of Pauline Hanson’s attacks on the Asian community and its impact on her source of income and comedic material for her shows.

Appearing at the fabulous and intimate Storyville Bar, which gives audiences an opportunity to get up close and personal with the performer, you can experience some intimate moments with the lovely Diana.

Dirty Diana is sometimes a little too cute but always funny and should be a 'must see’ on your Comedy Festival list.

Rating: 8/10