Whilst the amazing promotional photo for Dispersions perhaps pays homage to the

rambunctious clans of Scotland immortalised through Mel Gibson’s movie “Braveheart”,

NICA’s latest ensemble performance explores modern-day notions of who and what we are.

Have we secretly maintained our tribal roots embedded with a them-and-us mentality or

have we been able to transcend tribalism to emerge as a truly globalised society where

individuals are recognised for their own unique worth?

Whilst any ensemble piece relies on the individual skills of its members, the performance of

individuals must meld to offer the audience a cohesive experience. Wrestling for a spot on

the metal lattice work, competing for juggling pins, jostling to show off your skills, and

patriotic flag waving are juxtaposed with the grace and beauty of aerial acrobatics, reflecting

the reality of modern society where we continue to come to terms with the conflict between

our uniqueness and the imperative to be members of a community.

Dispersions challenges us to reconsider the concept “Neotribalism” that suggests that we

have evolved to live in a tribal society and thus will naturally re-form into new social

networks. In doing so, the show combines the “uniqueness” of individual performance and

the synergies of teamwork with the improvised live music themed by Dr Jenny Game-Lopata

an expert in this creative field.

A very brave undertaking indeed! One which is steered capably by Co-Directors Zebastian

Hunter and Meredith Kitchen, and undoubtedly reflects the bold approach taken by NICA

staff with their students. Audiences can only anticipate what these talented 2nd year

students can do in their final year ensemble performance taking the circus arts to its whirling,

spinning, flipping and contorting heights.