Other worldly experiences are dominant themes in mythology and we still have that sense of wonder in each of us somewhere. In our dreams, in our thoughts, our feelings or in one’s religion. It is somewhere deep inside everyone wanting to come forth and explain to us the meaning of life or even the afterlife.

The live production of Dybbuks does just that. It evokes our senses to take part as witness to something intimate and private. We are drawn into a strange area inside where we, the audience surround the centre stage of a bathroom, with a bath type tiled stage. This set design adds significance to the symmetry of the play as water and bathing are dominant themes. Dramatic performances are made by the lead whose contortionist physique seems possessed during the performance. As a highly private space where only women perform, this performance has an intonation of the aboriginal secret woman’s business while coming from a Jewish mythological origin.

The choir's dramatised veils and black dresses add to the dexterity of such a spiritual experience. Nudity and supernatural themes are prevalent in such a dynamic performance. Presented by Theatre Works and Chamber Made Production, this version of Dybbuks was conceived and directed by Samara Hersch. The theatre’s foyer exhibition adds to the understanding of the social context of this mythology. Through past productions on display, it is a delight to be privy to this ritualised experience.

Rating: 8/10


Location: Theatre Works - 14 Acland Street, St Kilda

Dates: 14 - 26 August 2018

Prices: Adult $45, Concession $37, Previews $33

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