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'Earwig and The Witch' Film Review

Studio Ghibli’s magic comes to life again with this new 3d generated animation movie.

This feature enters the cinema with a fast paced motorcycle ride into the night, as the rider is escaping to an orphanage where we meet the wonderful little girl called Earwig.

The resonance of Studio Ghibli and their characters delivers as we are introduced to a reverberating strong independent child character. Earwig is a quick witted, free spirited child that is begrudgingly adopted and thrust into an idyllic English town.

The foster mother is a real witch that now only wants Earwig to clean the witch's studio where potions and spells are made. Here are all the disgusting decree that is stored and displayed; Eye of newt with frog legs and more eyes are placed in glass jars and we see the antique paraphernalia which Studio Ghibli creates their magic as their detailed animation becomes more profound.

Within these themes and sub themes we as adults or children, see connections into ourselves as children. We see ourselves at a time where anything is possible and imagination is your very own key to living and creating your own life and adventures. Nothing can take these things from us and this is what Studio Ghibli is ultimately delving into each of us, as we see and understand the intricacy and synchronicity of Earwig and the Witch.

Rock songs by new legend Kacey Musgraves, and as the voice of the motorbike rider, are superb. Richard E Grant, now, a master dubbed as Mandrake the powerful adoptive parent who writes books and plays the rock organ piano. Vanessa Marshall, an old school voice actor, with parts from the video gaming crew of Mortal Kombat amongst others such as the voice in Scooby-Doo. New to the stage is Taylor Henderson, who dubs as the orphaned Earwig for this English version, is also available in Japanese for the Studio-Ghibli purist.

Rating: 4/5

Watch the trailer here and grab your tickets to see this one in selected cinemas near you!

Earwig and The Witch 2020 Trailer

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