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Environmental Film Festival shows the world at home

Pictured: 'That's Wild' from EFFA's Summer of Change program, will be re-screening at EFFA's 2021.

The Environmental Film Festival Australia (EFFA) will transport viewers out of their lounge rooms from 14 October to 14 November, 2021.

Taking place entirely online (due to Covid), EFFA’s twelfth annual volunteer-run festival invites audiences to take a journey with a series of thought-provoking films set to inspire and engage audiences across Australia.

“With almost half the nation currently in lockdown in need of an escape, and compounding natural disasters taking place around the world, EFFA has never felt more relevant,” says Festival Co-Director, Freyja Gillard. EFFA ‘21 encourages you to explore the world and connect with environmental issues, beyond the daunting news feeds.

With narrative features, documentaries, shorts, and children’s content, EFFA ‘21 invites viewers to choose their own adventure: storming the Aussie streets with the School Strike 4 Climate crew, swimming deep with the marlins and sea lions in California, traversing the 18th century Alps in search of the sublime, standing with Indigenous leaders fighting for their communities across the planet, admiring the Moon from a new point of view, or just taking a seat and listening to some of the world’s wisest Elders.

Pictured: Lupa J

Highlights from the EFFA ‘21 festival include:

  • Opening Night Thu 14 Oct - The Weather Diaries, plus live streamed performance with the film’s star Lupa J - documentary, Australia

  • The Trouble With Nature - feature film, Denmark and France

  • Elders and the Earth - short films package, Australia

  • Youth on Strike - documentary, Australia

  • Protest & Protection - short films package, Australia

  • Two Moons, slow-cinema feature, USA

Take a journey with EFFA ‘21. Connect with the planet, be inspired to take action and see the reality behind the headlines.

See the full EFFA program on their website here!

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