Daylesford will be hosting one of its first ‘Lo-fi’ wine events called ‘Everything in its Right Place’ on the 10 June.

Hosted by local wine store owner Jen Latta and husband Winemaker Owen Latta, the event will have more than 100 wines from the local region, and Tasmania and New Zealand.

Jen says the inspiration for the event came from her own love for wines with the low intervention approach to wine-making. “We simply wanted to bring all the best people to Daylesford to celebrate their wines. We wanted to keep spreading the message of these producers and their wines, which should be snapped up as soon as they're seen.”

Jen is passionate about low intervention wine, and defines it as "wines made mindfully". “These aren't wines made to a bulk recipe but instead, winemakers respond to the fruit and the season accordingly. A lot of the time this means their wines don't need to be refined and filtered, they don't need much (if any) additives, they are often grown organically, biologically or bio-dynamically.”

Jen says these wines are manipulated to get the most out of the fruit without compromising the expression of site (terroir) from where the fruit came from.

The day will feature 30 winemakers, rare wine releases, sneak previews, DJs, food trucks and a sausage sizzle by the local Country Woman of Daylesford group. Jen says much of the community is involved with the event being held in the Daylesford Town Hall.

“Sommeliers are going bananas for natural wines and we want Daylesford and visitors to understand why. The best way to

do this is to meet the producer directly and taste

their wines.”

This lo-fi day is an all-day event, with tasting from 1-5pm and follow-on party from 5-10pm. Tickets are $32 each and include tasting and a take home glass.


Limited tickets available – book your ticket here.

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