Rembrandt, 'Self-Portrait with Two Circles', oil on canvas, (c. 1665–1669)

Filmed in exquisite detail, Exhibition on Screen is re-releasing their film, Rembrandt, to mark the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt's death and the year of the Dutch Golden Age.

Covering a once-in-a-lifetime, 2015 exhibition titled Late Works at the Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum and London’s National Gallery, the film shows how Rembrandt’s creativity gathered new energy in the closing years of his life.

It is the art of these late years - soulful, honest and deeply moving - that indelibly defines our image of Rembrandt, the man and the artist. The film provides behind-the-scenes access showing the preparation that goes into such an exhibition, with it revealing a fresh and fascinating full biography of this great artist.

The film features interviews with the show’s curators Betsy Wieseman and Jonathan Bikker. Artist Richard Twose demonstrates Rembrandt’s painting technique whilst Dolores De Sade illustrates the revolutionary way that Rembrandt worked with printmaking, a brand new art form at the time.

“Rembrandt is one of those artists frequently called an all -time great but to really understand the biography you need to look at the detail, to have someone explain what we're looking at and why it's significant, to really grasp why he's so revered. That is exactly what we do in these films."

Exhibition on Screen | 'Rembrandt' Trailer (2019)

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Presenting the works of one of the Art's world greats, don't miss out on Rembrandt showing at Palace Cinema and Cinema Nova when it opens nationally on 26th of September!