Focusing on how Vincent Van Gogh came to be the artist he was, Exhibition on Screen is proud to present their latest film release, Van Gogh & Japan, opening nationally 21 November.

Previewing the beautiful film journey of an exhibition in Amsterdam, then going to Provence and Japan itself, and showing how Japanese society has developed an affinity to Van Gogh’s work. More so, the film looks at his engagement with their culture, and the resulting expression of Van Gogh’s ‘japonisme’.

Examining a unique topic; specifically how Japanese art influenced Vincent Van Gogh, the film also has insights from contemporary artists, including calligrapher Tomoko Kawao and performance artist Tatsumi Orimoto.

EOS Founder Phil Grabsky, says there is good reason why Van Gogh is so popular but acknowledges he is also one of the most misunderstood artists. “There’s good reason why he is one of the world’s favourite artists, but in order to understand him you need to understand the influence that Japanese Art had on Van Gogh. Japanese art which is staggeringly beautiful and a very powerful and cinematic experience.”

Make sure to catch Van Gogh & Japan when it releases nationally from 21st of November!


Details: Palace Cinemas, multiple locations

Date: Releases nationally from 21 November

Times: Varies. Check website for session times

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