Melbourne - along with the rest of the world - is seeing the rise of globalisation enter our everyday lives and one example of this is through Fairtrade products - products that ensure workers and farmers receive robust Fairtrade social, economic and environmental standards, which ensure for fair payment and conditions of workers overseas.

This Fairtrade Fortnight, on from the 3-16 July 2018, aims to remind Australians that we do have the ability to change trade and create a fairer trading environment for all consumer products. Buyers are being encouraged to look out for and buy the Fairtrade Mark - recognisable by the familiar blue and green logo symbolising a farmer in a field.

Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand advocate for fairer and sustainable worker practices in such areas like coffee, chocolate, tea and cotton production. All these areas are notorious for human exploitation including such practices like slavery, child labour, environmental injustice, sweatshop workers and poor wages, and fair trade products attempt to distrupt the unequal way company supply chains are often run.

Supporting Fairtrade products by consumers is a direct move to change the exploitative practices seen in much of the developing world today and Fairtrade standards include protection of worker rights and the environment, payment of the Fairtrade Minimum Price and the additional Fairtrade Premium to invest in business or community projects.

Consumers are also being encouraged to #BuyFair and look out for the Fairtrade Mark when you shop.

Find out more about events, activities and available products on Fairtrade Fortnight on their website here.