One day festival, The Pleasure Garden, has arrived combining the best of music and art to deliver a one-day event to remember.

Melbourne’s newest one-day boutique festival, offers a headliner act of Fat Freddy’s Drop, alongside another 30 musicians, DJs and music makers for the festival. Included in this is Opiuo, Montaigne, Remi, Stickybuds and gypsy folk favourites, 8 Foot Felix.

“No other act encapsulates the vibe and spirit of The Pleasure Garden like Fat Freddy’s Drop. This is the first time they have played in Melbourne in nearly two years and it’s their only Victorian show for the summer, so I know we’re in for a treat,” says Festival Director Goose McGrath.

Fat Freddy’s Drop own saxophonist Chopper Reeds, says that after 10 years of touring with the band, the charm of performing for new crowds never goes away. “The gigs I find energising and exciting - but the hours in the bus are never much fun.”

Accustomed to Fat Freddy’s own style of music and performing live, he says the band now know each other and adapt to their own “style of performance [which] means it’s ‘seat of the pants’ stuff from time to time.”

Source: Beat Magazine

A veteran of more than 500 gigs throughout the world, Chopper says some of his favourite shows have been in Melbourne. Excited about performing at Pleasure Garden, he says the band will perform tracks from all their albums and a few new things as well.

‘The [gigs] are all unique - the combo of crowd, venue, vibe and band. Plus the material we choose to play. That is what keeps us coming back for more.”

In addition to the amazing musicians, Pleasure Garden will also have a range of art and theatrical performance on offer. Featuring roving theatrical performances and massive array of kaleidoscopic art installations – this festival will try to combine the best of modern, urban, music with edgy art elements, for a one-of-a-kind festival experience.


Dates: Saturday, 9 December 2017

Location: Catani Gardens, St Kilda Foreshore, Melbourne

Time: All day event

Cost: This is a ticketed event – see the Pleasure Garden website

Pleasure Garden Website