A unique art experience with absolute sensory immersion

Credit: Realscape Productions

The next anticipated instalment in the Darkfield series, FLIGHT, brings an unsettling production in complete darkness to Melburnians yet again.

Following their last hit production SÉANCE, founders Glen Neath and David Rosenberg continue to jolt audiences, manipulating their perceptions on what reality is through a superb auditory journey into the unknown.

After being handed your boarding pass, you cross the threshold to enter another reality where you are suddenly a passenger onboard a commercial plane on a flight to who knows where. Searching for your allocated seat and storing your belongings hastily in the compartments above, you are immediately reminded of past flying experiences with the all too familiar procedures. And as with any flight, you can only hope that the one you are on will safely land at your destination…

Designed as a realistic plane cabin fit with overhead screens, plane windows and aircraft safety cards, it’s hard to believe one is in a 40 foot shipping container located in the heart of Melbourne. Fairly quickly, one is thrown from one reality to the next, the lack of not being able to see being the most uncomfortable.

“In most instances, vision is our leading perception. In the dark, we can start with the sound and create environments and characters and to allow the audience to create visuals for themselves, in their imaginations.” explains David Rosenberg.

Credit: Realscape Productions

Undeniably, the 3D binaural sound is the star throughout, jarringly testing your sense of time and place. Teamed with the underlying existential horror of the many worlds interpretation, this is an experience that is only amplified with one’s imagination.

Neath and Rosenberg’s excellent production and sound design, paired with the unnerving comparison of being in a contained pitch-black box (paralleling the idea of Schrödinger’s cat), seamlessly transports you to a world of daunting questions.

For the time-frame, FLIGHT is an immersive art production that delivers an intensely eerie glimpse into the possibility of all possibilities simultaneously existing; a reality that completely destroys our own viewpoint of ourselves.

Rating: 4/5


Dates: Wednesday, 30 October – Sunday, 8 December

Location: Queensbridge Square, Southbank, Melbourne

Cost: $25 + booking fee online

Duration: 30 mins

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