'Free Solo' dir. b Jimmy Chin, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi

Free Solo – is a film that inspires ‘absolute trust in yourself’, as required to do any Free Solo through life!

Detailing the extraordinary feat of rock climbing without a harness and to conquer a mountain never before accomplished in the free solo sport is a great achievement. This documentary gives the story of a young guy and the relationships that revolve around him. Telling the true story of Alex Honnold and this mountain, it shows the exciting life and death, split decisions made by Honnold, who entice the viewer into his life, where he has an absolute need for precision and endless aim to achieve his goals. Your life may even depend on it and in Free Solo it most certainly does.

In the documentary, he attempts to conquer a mountain, Yosemite's 3,000ft high, El Capitan Wall, which leaves one with no room for mistakes. This mountain has a high number of falls – and with this sport being an endurance sport – this way of climbing would most certainly lead to a fall where one would not climb again.

Free Solo shows how Alex Honnold and his new partner, are committed to each other but also poses further questions such as - is it worth it to risk your life for one climb or for one goal? The filmmakers themselves ask whether to film if Honnold has a fall from such a height and is Honnold’s new relationship going to be superstitiously be the cause of his death?

Everything comes into play in this true story set in a provincial Californian style setting filled with young intelligent people on a feat to conquer and climb. Life and Death themes are close at heart and only too real, as friends fall during other climbs around the world during the filming.

An extreme sport with extreme outcomes – this film shows that great challenges can make or break you and one mistake is potentially your life. Great viewing, this film will make you appreciate your own goals and tribulations, and possibly give context to what you believe in and hold dear to in your life.

Rating: 7/10


Dates: Showing from 24 January

Location: All cinemas - check website to see whether your local cinema is showing it

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