Thai restaurants are usually great crowd pleasers and this is particularly true about local favourite, Fresh Chilli restaurant.

Located in the outskirts of the Western suburbs, this restaurant has remained a favourite for years, and has the ambience of a more traditional restaurant with soft lighting, pastel colours and Thai artwork. In keeping with this, it also has linen and nice china, which is refreshing in this modern era.

We rang to book a table promptly, as we’d had a change in our plans for the night and got an affirmative – which is good as this place fills up nightly. Finding a suitable table for two, we ordered some drinks, which in our case was just water and a tea, and looked at the entrees and mains on offer.

Fresh Chilli’s selection is large but mainly centred around the more familiar Thai favourites, and in line with this we got the Pla muak tod, or fried calamari, as an entrée and agreed to share a main which would come at the same time.

Appropriately the calamari came first, and we seemed to wait what literally felt like five minutes. This dish was both visually pretty and perfectly cooked, soft to the bite but not oily. Alongside this entrée we ordered a main of the chicken larb.

The larb on the other hand was piled high, an enormous serving and was delicately made. For the uninitiated, larb is a spiced and seasoned mince with spring onions, coriander, mint, chilli, served with Thai dressing and served on a bed of lettuce. It is usually eaten with some rice or roti. In our case, we got both.

Filling and delicately balanced, the larb was not too spicy – though no doubt we could have asked for it to be more spicy. Refreshing and filling, the dish was a perfect dinner for a hot night and ideal for people wanting a refreshing meal and a great accompaniment to the calamari. The rice was reasonably standard but the roti was chewy, which I liked.

The service was also very attentive and unobtrusive. Overall, Fresh Chilli is very pleasant and there was very little to flaw the place on, with reliably good service and ambience every time, and this place could easily be a quiet date night or family restaurant destination any night of the week.

Rating: ***


Fresh Chilli restaurant

Location: Shop 1, 1-5 Aviation Road, Laverton, 3028

Tel: 9369 3796

Fresh Chilli Website