Fringe Festival is back again to provoke new ideas and voices from Melbourne’s artists and audiences, during its 17 day program.

Encouraging audiences to ‘step out of the echo chamber’ – Simon Abrahams, CEO and Creative Director of the Fringe - wants to get more conversations going, aiming to nurture the two-way-street art can be.

“Art connects us to each other. It inspires debate and questioning, it makes us feel funny in our bellies, it outrages us and unites us – whatever it does, it takes two to tango,” he says.

Originating as a ‘celebration of cultural democracy and art for everyone’ the Fringe Festival – now in its 35th year – will host more than 400 performing events in over 160 venues. The festival prides itself on being the most adventurous, inclusive, all-encompassing multi-artform festival in Australia.

Key shows to watch out for in this year’s festival include:

The Children’s Party by Ben Landau and Alex Walker

This show aims to create an aspiring political party, through undergoing a professionally-led workshop process.

Designed to create a real political party with real policies and members, this artistic experiment harnesses the potential political strength of children, and allows them to forward their policy ideas and key messages. The work then goes on to assist children to explore the public policy consequences of their decisions and present them to the public through an inaugural Children’s Party Convention.

I Carry Your Heart by Paige Marshall

Composed by Piotr Nowotnik, I Carry Your Heart is an exploration of what grief and loss actually feels like. Exploring a range of emotions, the show examines whether some experience must be undertaken and if it is a conversation that needs to be had.

This show explores some of the dialogue we need to have around such emotions. For more info on I Carry You Heart's webpage, visit here and check out their Vimeo here.

Congress by all the Queens Men

Another show exploring how we communicate in our communities, Congress provides a citizens’ assembly which provides a platform for people to have their say. Connecting the personal with the political by match-making citizens with professional wordsmiths, this show will create speeches for those often unheard but valuable declarations for our collective vision.

This closing event, enables for a platform for neighbours to listen and interact in an event providing a glorious celebration of people power.

Ultimately, The Fringe Festival has a range of thought-provoking and bold new shows, providing an ideal way to experience new and ground-breaking performance and art, while also offering a wealth of free and affordable shows.


Dates: 14 Sept- 1 October 2017

See the Fringe Festival website for more details.