Ruthless World - a play from the Fringe!

The Fringe Festival has had a rougher trot than most years - especially considering all the struggles from the extended lockdown so it is great to see shows like Ruthless World hitting our online screens. Ready to challenge and attract audiences alike there is a lot of substance in a play that was initially conceived as a way to address racism.

Here are some comments about Ruthless World from one of the writers and co-producer of the Play - Ken Chau:

1.What is your role in connection to the production?

My poems were the starting point for Ruthless World. I was happy to give total freedom to the creators to do whatever they wanted with them to create a show. What this brilliant and talented bunch of creators have unleashed was totally unexpected, surprising and delightful. I am the co-producer of this production as well.

2. How did you get involved with the production?

My poems were part of Wonder of You, an interactive visual arts installation at One Night in Footscray 2019 by animator and artist Christie Widiarto (Ruthless World’s other co-producer). She gathered together a team of animators and a multi-disciplinary artist to bring Ruthless World to life.

This team and I will go on to work on Things Wong Kar-Wai Taught Me About Love and Other Things, another interactive visual arts installation at the Immigration Museum opening around December.

3. in your own words - what is the production about?

Ruthless World is an otherworldly, psychedelic phantasmagoria of poetry, performance, sight and sound.

4. What do you feel is the strongest message about the production?

That in the search for love, the most important thing is to love yourself first.

5. What are your hopes for the production?

That it is seen and enjoyed by as many people as possible, and that the talented creators on the team’s work is appreciated and that they continue to have successful careers in the arts.

Ruthless World is created by Ken Chau, Derrick Duan, Roshelle Fong, Paxus Productions & Christie Widiarto and directed by Roshelle Fong and Helen He.

Ruthless World is a fascinating play, so to find out more and book your online ticket, check out their website here!