Why 'What rhymes with orange?' helps explain modern relationships

With the 2021 Fringe Festival having experienced a year of COVID-struggle, it is a great joy to announce that multi-disciplinary artist Isabella Perversi is proudly presenting the premiere season of What rhymes with orange? to an online audience this October.

The play follows an ordinary couple simply trying to survive their relationship, and the work this requires. The show is the latest work by multi-disciplinary artist Isabella Perversi. Daring to ask the perennial question; “What happens to a relationship when it is held together not only by love, but also by secrets, shame, and guilt?”

The play is an engaging mix of natural and the surreal, and looks at the tale of Tom and Rosie, a regular couple evolving into the next phase of their lives together. Navigating the rocky terrain of a whether a much loved career should take precedence over dreams of a family, the young couple are faced with challenging situations and provocative choices that could either make or break them.

Exploring the illusion of fame versus reality, life and death, and the ability to be reborn, the show also scrutinises the impact of all consuming modern day technology on a relationship.

What rhymes with orange? is an intense look into the lives of these two people with all the love, hate and passion one can expect - but what lies underneath all of this - is the deceit, shame and regret.

Examining the sense people have during lockdown, of “just waiting for life to start” this show was nominated for a Green Room Award for Performance (2021) and Best in Theatre at the 2020 Melbourne Fringe.

This project is amplified by Melbourne Fringe as part of the Cash For Creatives Program.

Be sure to catch What rhymes with orange? exclusively online on their website - book here!


Dates: 8 - 17 October 2021 Location: Playing exclusively online, on demand. Cost: $25 Extra Artist Support, $15 Full, $5 Unwaged

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