Gewürzhaus Herb and Spice Merchants, Food Hall - Shop 3 (2019)

Local spice chain, Gewürzhaus, has recently arrived in South Melbourne Market, further enhancing the local foodie reputation and becoming the now seventh outlet for the ever-growing spice empire. 

Established by two Melbourne sisters, Eva and Maria Konecsny, the chain was established in 2010, and is a unique store specialising in unique small-batch blends of herbs, spices and teas that evoke memories of their spice-filled German upbringing.

The South Melbourne store, the seventh outlet, offers more than 350 single-origin spices, herbs, salts, peppers, teas and sugars from around the world. Opened at South Melbourne Market on November 1, it is being described as a match made in heaven.

One Half Of The Spice Girls, Founder Eva Konecsny (2019)

“South Melbourne Market is a natural fit for Gewürzhaus with its authentic and passionate traders and reputation as a foodie destination,” says co-founder, Maria Konecsny.

Gewürzhaus mixes and mills over 100 unique small-batch blends right here in Melbourne, which are all exclusive to Gewürzhaus and served from their much-loved and wonderful-smelling self-scoop tubs or in their trademark, returnable glass jars.

Blends range from European classics such ‘Bavarian Roast Chicken Spice’, to more novel Australian blends such as ‘Aussie Meat Pie Spice’, ‘Macadamia Nut Dukkah’, ‘Australian Bush Pepper’ and their popular ‘Melbourne Coffee Meat Rub’ - made from imperfect coffee beans rescued from some of Melbourne’s best roasters.

“Our mission is simple: to provide a wide range of high-quality ingredients that inspire our customers to create new recipes and traditions that can be cherished for generations to come,” Maria says.

Gewürzhaus Herb and Spice Merchants, Food Hall, Shop 3, South Melbourne (2019)

“Cooking from the home and the heart has always been an integral part of preserving traditions for four generations of women in our family, going all the way back to our great Oma Rosa, a baker by trade,” she explains.

Designed by the renowned CoLAB Design Studio in Collingwood, the latest installment of the Gewürzhaus spice empire at South Melbourne Market, is inspired by the traditional German kitchen of Maria and Eva’s childhood and captures the warmth, heart and joy that comes with cooking for the people you love.

It is a perfect fit for South Melbourne Market, which over the past 150 years has earned a reputation as the quintessential village market and a favorite foodie destination.

Be sure to head over to this unique spice destination Gewürzhaus at the South Melbourne and appreciate this great tradition.


Location: South Melbourne Market, Corner of Coventry and Cecil Streets, South Melbourne.

Store location: Shop 3, Food Hall

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