Grampians celebrate ‘Hope’ as new Silo Art is unveiled

Kyle Torney working on new silo art 'Hope'. Courtesy Grampians Tourism

New Silo Art has been unveiled in St Arnaud in the Northern Grampians. The project is the work of local artist Kyle Torney who spent around 800 hours creating the masterpiece which depicts the Gold Mining history of the town.

The artwork, which was part funded by St Arnaud ArtSpace and Northern Grampians Shire Council is named Hope and tells the story of the gold mining era that shaped St Arnaud in the 1800’s. The design process involved engaging the residents of the town through the local newspaper to select from a series of four design ideas. Once selected the silo was cleaned and primed before a huge grid was created to ensure the proportions work when painting the faces. The process involved around 30-40 trips a day up and down the silo to check the artwork from a distance to ensure the image is in proportion.

"The Silo Art Trail is a popular attraction with visitors to the area. With the creation of this new artwork visitors can start the tour at St Arnaud and will help grow tourism to the local town. Mr Torney is an exceptionally talented artist and a real advocate for tourism to the area, we feel very lucky to have his work in our region,”says Marc Sleeman, CEO, Grampians Tourism.

The artist, Kyle Torney is a sixth-generation resident of the town who was born and raised in St Arnaud. Kyle’s work focuses heavily on people and telling their story through his ‘narrative portraiture’. His murals can be found across his hometown, which have become a destination for art lovers in the area.

'Hope' by Kyle Torney, located in St Arnaud

Speaking about the artwork he says, “Street art really brings the community together through pride which I have found through my murals. I called the silo art Hope which is reflective of the gold mining period but also resonates with the current climate. It’s great to be able to create something that will help to increase tourism to the region, St Arnaud is a great place to visit and like all of Victoria has been hit hard but by COVID-19 restrictions.”

Hope is situated in St Arnaud, a former gold mining town in Victoria situated between Ballarat and Mildura. The silo now becomes the start of the region’s Silo Art Trail extending the trail from Rupanyup. The Silo Art Trail is the largest outdoor gallery in Australia stretching over 200 kilometres. The Trail links St Arnaud with Sheep Hills, Brim and Rosebery.

Don't miss out on seeing this amazing mural on McMahon Street in St Arnaud! To find out more on the Grampians regions, visit their website here!


Location: McMahon Street, St Arnaud, Victoria

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