Artist: Liz Sonntag (Tinky)

Delivering artwork in an unconventional space, four Melbourne women artists have collaborated to bring one of the last exhibitions to be held in the celebrated underground mini-gallery known as ‘The Dirty Dozen’ in the city’s Campbell Arcade.

These four artists Kelly Sullivan, Kirsti Lenthall (Empire of Stuff), Gigi Gordes and Liz Sonntag (Tinky) have combined their varied art practices of sculpture, painting, collage, mixed media and miniature installations, to create an exhibition titled, Heroine’s Petticoat, which documents the lives of Australian women from the 1800's to the present day.

In the Arcade, each of the 12 windows are adorned with quirky yet powerful, installations that delight passing commuters. “This shared experience of challenging stereotypes and feeling marginalized throughout the ages is very familiar to all of us, so the idea of working together to tell a shared story is very important,” says Kelly Sullivan.

The exhibition examines how the representation of Australian women was shaped by political, industrial and philosophical influences occurring at the time. The show also looks at how a range of depictions of women have impacted the voice of a new generation of women artists who haven’t forgotten them.

“We want to prolong a passer-by and enrich their insight with a greater understanding and respect for women that is becoming an obvious feature of the universal public dialogue,” says Kelly Sullivan.

“The long-standing supporters for women’s empowerment are invigorated and are feeling the urgency for change. How better than to demonstrate this through the uniting of four women artists, coming together to convey the history of our predecessors and honouring the women who defied gender and societal expectations, and charted their own course.”

Artist: Liz Sonntag (Tinky)

Comprising of a series of Art-Deco glass display cases run by the City of Melbourne’s Creative Spaces program, the historic Dirty Dozen exhibition space is situated underground in Campbell Arcade, one of Melbourne’s oldest commuter underpasses, dating from 1955.

The Arcade has been an established fixture in Melbourne’s art scene but is now due for closure and partial demolition on 1 July 2019 due to the Metro Tunnel works.

See Heroines Petticoats exhibition at the Dirty Dozen exhibition space this April!


Dates: 7 - 26 April 2019

Location: 'The Dirty Dozen' (underground exhibition space) - Campbell Arcade, Flinders St, Melbourne

Times: Open Mon to Fri; 7am-7pm, Saturday; 7am - 5pm (closed Sunday)

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