Questioning the place of greatness and queens, Highness is the new production by Melanie Jame Wolf opening today at the Arts House in Melbourne.

Dedicated to every single queen, this performance features the inclusion of masterful women, drag superstars, actual monarchs and ageing queens, in a show that looks at the regal feminine from the famous to the everyday, shape-shifting through an array of queen personas.

Visually impressive with performative roles, Highness looks at the work and role of wearing a crown, and the freedoms and limitations that it brings, its histories of colony, blood and theft, the trick of appearing born to rule, and responsibilities needed for duty, devotion and spectacle.

Highness also features a range of videos made in collaboration between Wolf and UK artist Sam Smith and is the second part of the Arch Type trilogy of performance and video works which explore some archetypes of womanhood, these being – the whore, the queen and the hag – and which follows the first performance of Mira Fuch, which showed at the Arts House in 2016.

HIGHNESS // Trailer

For a show that is lavish, touching and occasionally disturbing, Highness is for people who love the moving image, pop culture, live performance and who appreciate the archetypal powerful woman, be it either drag queens or regal queens.

See Australian-born artist, Melanie Jame Wolf in HIGHNESS from the 18 - 21 July at the Arts House.


Location: Arts House; 521 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne

Dates: 18 - 21 July

Time: 8pm

Duration: 60 min

Cost: $35 / $30 / $25

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