While it seems that us human beings all want to go on holiday in January, the truth is that our own bodies never get a holiday from us. Especially after Christmas, which usually haslong bouts of excessive feasting and New Year’s Eve (which often includes a bit of champagne) the festive season can have dramatic consequences for the waistline.

Effectively the truth is however, fitness is made every day even while we go on holiday.

But there’s no reason why you shouldn’t at least start to make amends in January or while away– especially when all it takes is taking your runners and arranging for a walk in the morning, before it gets too hot.

So, don’t overthink it, just commit to a couple of simple measures to make your holiday an effective one yet. Here is a list of things that can help you get grounded while on vacation:

1. Let exercise happen, often

This seems so simple but sometimes isn’t. While it can seem a challenge to organisewhen you are out travelling with friends or kids, getting a bit of exercise can be as simple as a run down to the shops for bread, or going to the beach for a swim. Any kind of exercise is good to get you moving and over time will add up to more fitness.

2. Drink water and cut the soft drinks

A simple one but one that makes a vital difference. Drinking water is extremely good for you, with your skin, organs, metabolism all getting a good cleanse with the stuff. Maybe even go a step further with a water with lemon juice first thing in the mornings to cleanse your system.

3. Commit to one small bit of exercise each day

Even if it is a short walk, a daily swim, bushwalking, running or anything that is regular- each bit will help create a habit and over time your body will thank you for it.

4. Do exercise you don’t normally do

Don’t normally go bushwalking, rock-climbing, kayaking, salsa-dancing, horse-riding? How about Paintballing or ice-skating? Well if you can’t do it on holiday – when can you do it? Going on holiday allows you the chance to do things you normally wouldn’t do and getting different exercise will give you theadrenaline needed to inspire you to do the exercise you like.

5. Get off the electronic devices

Detox from your screens. Don’t look at your phone. Even use a Melway! Getting away from the emails sounds like it is hard but after a day or two you’ll be feeling much more relaxed and more capable of managing the rat-race when you get back. And get kids off them too – if you don’t need to look at a screen they certainly don’t.

6. Get a view of the bigger picture

You are only ever going to get ONE body. We may neglect it, or ignore the fact we treat it poorly but every little bit to improve it, will help you make a better body and make you feel better. Stay optimistic, keep your good exercise habits and soon you’ll be naturally making healthy choices to being your best in 2018!

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