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Bearfoot Theatre are traveling south from their base in Newcastle to bring Nicholas Thoroughgood’s experimental work I Hope It’s Not Raining in London to Victoria – an exciting prospect for local audiences.

Bearfoot Theatre support works that, in their own words, emerge from the ground up “with no rules”. Thoroughgood’s approach certainly strives to do that not only through the confronting theme of memory suppression but also by inventive stagecraft that involves presenting the play at different venues, with various combinations of four actors (including himself, Daniel Cottier, Zoe Walker and Cassie Hamilton). No two performances will ever be the same.

Moreover, although the cast is comprised of two males and two females, the script is written for essentially genderless characters – simply identified as one and the other, leaving it up to the actors to determine how these characters should be played.

According to Thoroughgood, “I went into the project with three solid concepts; giving a director (Riley McLean} complete creative freedom in a work, breaking the concept of gender normality in theatre, and taking a retrospective look at life from those who are no longer fully involved.”

So, what is the theme and storyline of the play, and what can audiences expect from this emerging playwright?

Trapped in a mysterious room, with their forgotten past, characters must face the revelations of traumas from long-ago. Reminiscent of Greek mythology and Pandora’s box with its evil contents, mysterious boxes appear on stage and once opened the content of these boxes invoke painful memories from each characters’ past. Memories that must be re-lived and confronted on stage.

It may not be a comfortable journey for the characters or audiences alike but one which seeks to explore the deepest corners of our minds where our darkest secrets lurk.


Dates: 8 - 13 July

Location:  The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne

Times:  7pm

The Butterfly Club Website

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