Inside Out offers the best of Museum Victoria’s 17 million objects, exhibiting the best of this vast collection in new and wonderful ways.

Melbourne Museum’s flagship summer exhibition, the reimagined show offers brand new sights and sounds, taking the audience through a journey of vignettes and transfigured everyday environments, looking at environments like a High Street shop, camping ground, drag show or even hip sushi bar.

Experience Developer at Museums Victoria, Zoe Meagher, says the exhibition provides a smorgasbord of objects alongside the less conspicuous. “Inside Out enables visitors to meet not only extraordinary, beautiful and significant collection items, but also be drawn into the fascinating stories behind quieter items that might not otherwise catch the eye.”

“Bring an open heart, bring a pair of headphones, a curious friend and press play!”

Consisting of 370 amazing museum objects, Inside Out is a fascinating glimpse into the kooky, with an immersive audio guide, touching on the topics of love, time and immorality. The narrator engages both museum and non-museum experts in the surprising and gripping stories about the museum’s most unusual collection items.

Items in the collection include the first Black Box flight recorder prototype, the beautiful H.L. White collection of Australian bird’s eggs, and a new taxidermy of a lioness. These objects will join popular favourites such as internet meme sensation, Sad Otter.

The Inside Out also features the stories of museum experts like senior curator (Kimberley Moulton), tattoo artist (Clare Hampshire), bartender (Fred Siggins), fashion designer (Prue Acton), drag queen (Dorreen Manganini), preparator (Dean Smith), granddaughter (Judy Potter), Egyptologist (Colin Hope), astronomer (Dr. Tanya Hill), among others.

Inside Out also has its own disco soundtrack specially commissioned by band Total Giovanni.

Offering a one-of-a-kind museum experience, Inside Out is showing at Melbourne Museum from 23 Dec - 11 Feb 2018.


Location: Melbourne Museum Cost: Tickets $10

Open: 10-5pm daily | Open late: Thursdays and Fridays from 4 January and for Nocturnal on 5 January and 2 February. Visit the website for more details.

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