Australia is constantly growing in its knowledge and diversity and never more so than through this year’s National Reconciliation Week, on from the 27 May - 3 June 2018.

Reconciliation Australia invites all Australians to learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders cultures and histories and to share that knowledge and help us grow as a nation.

With the motto - ‘Don’t Keep History A Mystery: Learn. Share. Grow’ this year’s campaign aims to explore the history hidden just beneath the surface, ready and waiting to be uncovered. Highlighting some of the lesser known facts of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders history, culture and achievement the campaign prompts Australians to ask themselves: what are the things I don’t know about our shared history?’

The campaign is also delivering a National Reconciliation Week ad campaign which started on the 16 May. Running ads for 30-seconds and 60-seconds on SBS, NITV, Foxtel and ICTV, these ads directly address the fact that many Australians are unaware of, or reject, fundamental aspects of history, according to research done in the Australian Reconciliation Barometer.

National Reconciliation Week 2018 - 'Don't Keep History a Mystery' Campaign

The most recent Barometer also discovered:

  • Almost one in three Australians do not accept that government policy enabled Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children to be removed from their families without permission until the 1970s.

  • More than one in three Australians do not accept that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were subject to mass killings, incarceration, forced removal from land and restricted movement, throughout the 1800's.

Reconciliation Australia CEO Karen Mundine, said National Reconciliation Week would raise awareness of the fact that historical acceptance is key to reconciliation.

“It’s essential that we know each other, and that we share an understanding of the history that has shaped the relationship between wider Australia and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as it stands today,” she says.

“Only by acknowledging, accepting and addressing our shared history can we become a more just and equitable Australia.”

To find out more or to get involved see the National Reconciliation Week website here.


Dates: 27 May - 3 June 2018

Locations: multiple locations

Reconciliation Australia Website