'Bipolar bitches from Babylon' Review

Stand-up comedians nearly always have an edge on humour and Jojo Chinaski is no exception - the queen of dry humour - her jokes are dark, self-depreciating and often confronting.

Sharp, refreshing and occasionally a little painful, this woman is an eye-opener. Her shows provide a no holds bar on her life and often her mental health, as difficult and complicated that that is sometimes.

Not to mention that they often deal with the fact that she has experienced depression, takes anti-psychotics and is bipolar and bisexual, but this is only part of her story. It also tells the story of an incredibly funny, articulate, and sometimes painful journey of an individual trying to make sense of the world - finding that there seems to be little space for the marginalised like her, let alone dealing with the double whammy of 'queer' as well.

Needless to say, Jojo takes no prisoners with her humour and often takes aim at many forms of authority and issues, dealing with strong topics like human rights, domestic violence and incest. These topics are fodder, and while she admits the show isn't for everyone, it is a raw and fascinating look at the world from her lens and an incredibly intelligent and articulate individual in the middle of it.

Rating: 3.5/5