Photographer: Nicole Reed

Famed for her unique style of painting, particularly images with large, quietly looming characters with nude human bodies, deer skull heads, and hooves for feet, local street artist, Kaff-Eine is opening a solo show - titled Southern Wild - of never seen before works. Hosted in the basement of a heritage warehouse building, it is dedicated solely to images of the street artists' well-known deerhunters, with a twist.

Eager to create an exhibition that celebrates everyday bodies, the artist invited her followers and the wider public to model and direct their own shoots for portraits. The result was over 300 everyday people from Melbourne and surrounds volunteering to be painted in Kaff-Eine’s unique style.

Photographer: Nicole Reed

“I wanted to see what would happen when people created their own deerhunters,” said the artist. “Each model chose their own props to bring to the session and posed as they liked. It meant that I never knew in advance what the portrait would look like, nor was I able to shape the tone of the exhibition, but I loved it.”

Kaff-Eine describes the exhibition as a powerful display of stories told by real, everyday bodies. The watercolour, charcoal and spray paint works reflect a range of genders, sexualities, desires and body types, including portraits of queer and transgender models.

“Posing nude, knowing that their face was being replaced with a skull meant that people expressed themselves anonymously and openly, and shared the often-hidden histories written into their flesh. I’ve been blown away by what we’ve created together.” says Kaff-Eine.

Katie Kaff-Eine in studio

Southern Wild invites the audience to the dark underbelly of an old Kensington tallow factory to peruse Kaff-Eine’s unique works. “I used to graffiti deerhunters and similar characters in abandoned abattoirs and meatworks – the balance between the hunters, the hunted and what the world would look like with these identities flipped has always fascinated me. Then I found Tallows, which was an animal processing facility in the Victorian-era, and I knew this was where I had to have this show.” said the artist.

The exhibition opens on the 11th of December, from 6pm – 9pm, and the exhibition will be available to view under the full moon at the midnight viewing, Saturday 14 December, from 11pm – 1am.

Don't miss out on this unique exhibition, Southern Wild, by extraordinary artist Kaff-Eine this December!


Dates: 12 - 15 December 2019

Location: Tallows, 12 Elizabeth St, Kensington, VIC

Times: 12pm - 8pm

Opening night: Wednesday 11th (6pm – 9pm)

Midnight viewing: Saturday 14th (11pm – 1am)

Age Restriction: Exhibition is an 18+ only event

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