Discover your local area through the online Koorie Culture Map

Image: Koorie Heritage Trust (taken before COVID-19)

The Koorie Heritage Trust in partnership with SharingStories Foundation will be launching Koorie Culture Map today on Wednesday 7 October 2020.

This ground-breaking project brings Koorie languages, stories and culture uniquely together in one place at the Koorie Heritage Trust’s KHT Online, a platform to explore First Nation voices, cultural and art.

Explore Bangerang, Jaara and Wamba Wamba country through cultural customs; watch animations of creation stories, hear language and visit special sites of Koorie communities to gain an understanding of the diversity of Koorie cultures within Victoria. Over time additional Koorie communities, stories and knowledge will be added to this experience.

"Building respect and understanding for those stories and our culture is critical to reconciliation and I consider it to be very important. Our stories need to be told, heard and experienced so that Koorie culture is a vital, living part of Victorian life and SharingStories is helping us make that happen,’’ says Ron Murray, Wamba Wamba Elder.

SharingStories have been deeply engaged with Aboriginal communities across Victoria to develop powerful and empowering interpretations of significant cultural stories using multi-media art forms and digital technology. They have worked with Elders and community, along with primary school children to tell and creatively interpret these stories. Importantly, revival of language is fundamental to this project.

‘’This experience allows you to enter communities in a culturally appropriate way. Each map and touch point, gives you access to a Welcome to Country, where you can hear language and stories and gain an understanding of sites of significance,’’ says Tom Mosby, CEO, KHT.

Community leaders proudly and continuously work with the younger generations in the preservation and revival of language, stories and cultural customs. This is a collective attempt to share the responsibility in presenting and valuing Koorie culture, language and country.

The map experience was developed through the collective work of a number of Koorie communities, and is accessible through an innovative interactive map interface, in order to share deeply embedded knowledge and stories with the wider community via modern technology.

Established in 1985, the Koorie Heritage Trust (KHT) is a bold and innovative not-for-profit arts and cultural organisation located in the Yarra Building, Fed Square. Aboriginal owned and managed, the KHT provides opportunities for all people to learn, connect and re-connect with the rich living cultural heritage of Aboriginal Victoria originating from a 60,000-year-old + history.

SharingStories Foundation works with Indigenous communities to protect, maintain and grow language, stories and cultural heritage through digital technologies and vibrant artistic art forms for the benefit of all children today and for future generations through Indigenous self-determination in all aspects of program design, implementation and outcomes.

View the Koorie Culture Map on their website here.