The social issue of homelessness takes centre-stage in Daniel Keene’s latest theatre production, LOST 5. Made up of 5 different monologues, it looks at the stories and lives behind the issue of homelessness.

Performer, Kineisha Nottle says such the issue can be extremely hard to deal with.

“The show deals with the contributing factors of homelessness, and how we can treat the issues and eliminate them before they get on the street.

“We also know that the issue of homeless is getting worse and worse. Unfortunately, it is an issue people in Melbourne are familiar with,” Kineisha says.

A child of parents who work with the Salvation Army, she has firsthand knowledge of the issues of homelessness, and says it is a delight to work with Illumi-Nation Theatre, who is committed to portraying and humanising issues of social justice.

Excited by her work with Illumi-Nation and the writing of Daniel Keene, who is regarded a ‘dangerous playwright’, Kineisha says her LOST 5 monologue, ‘Getting Shelter’ allows her to play a person so different from who she is.

“The show is definitely a unique take on homelessness. Either by being lost in their family or in mental health issues – people can come and see and experience issues that are difficult and uncomfortable to talk about.

“So by looking at how to help the most vulnerable and getting deep in conversation – we get a greater sense of the voices unheard a lot of the time.”

Poppy Seed Theatre Festival’s show, LOST: 5 by Daniel Keen on from 23 Nov - 4 Dec 2017.


Dates: 23 November - 4 December

Location: Irene Mitchell Studio, 44 St Martins Lane, South Yarra

Hours: Daily, 8pm and 4pm on Saturday (4 Dec).

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