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Grandmothers are rarely celebrated in mainstream exhibitions but that is being corrected with the Jewish Museum’s Love and Legacy exhibition on from the 6 May to 28 October 2018.

Promoted as an exuberant celebration of Jewish grandmothers, the show is the perfect activity for Mother’s day, and begs the question: what does the Jewish grandmother in the twenty-first century look like?

Featuring the stories of grandmothers from diverse backgrounds, ranging from the orthodox to the secular, and as faraway as India, Egypt, Poland and beyond – the exhibition honours the complexity of the role of the grandmother in contemporary society.

Love & Legacy curator, Juliette Hanson is impressed by what the exhibition offers. “It has been a real privilege to meet the women whose experiences are at the heart of this exhibition. They all have amazing life-stories and such varied perspectives on their role as grandmothers and on the role of women more broadly. This exhibition provides a warm reminder of how strong grandmothers can be, what they have overcome, and what they continue to give to our community.”

Love & Legacy looks at the many ways cultural knowledge, shared histories and family traditions are kept alive from one generation to the next, providing a space to celebrate and full acknowledge the achievements, contributions, experience and knowledge grandmothers have.

The exhibition highlights the achievements of these strong female role models, and the many ways in which they shape and support our community. Love & Legacy has filmed interviews, family heirlooms and accompanying objects from the Museum’s vast collection. With Melbourne’s Jewish community consisting of many families of Holocaust survivors, this exhibition also highlights themes of absence, for the grandmothers we never knew, for the grandmothers murdered in the Holocaust.

Trailer for the Jewish Museum of Australia's latest exhibition, 'Love & Legacy'

The Love & Legacy team engaged photographic artist Elli Bardas for specially commissioned portraits of the following women from all walks of life – Lady Anna Cowen, Barbara Ajzenberg, Hazel Kelly, Genia Janover, Renata Singer, RahelVivat, Claire Aghion and Claudine Berman, NechamaWerdiger, Carol Schwartz and Lee Ann Basser.

The exhibition will also have a Love & Legacy program series and joint events as part of the Multicultural Museums Victoria ‘Grandmothers’ project. One of five exhibitions about grandmothers launching in May, it is a part of the ‘Grandmothers’ project, the inaugural exhibition for this unique alliance between the Chinese, Italian, Greek, Islamic and Jewish museums in Melbourne.

See the Love & Legacy exhibition on till the 28 October.


Jewish Museum of Australia

Location: 26 Alma Road, St Kilda

Dates: 6 May to 28 October

Times: Tues - Thurs: 10am – 4pm, Friday: 10am - 3pm, Sunday: 10am - 5pm

Cost: This is a ticketed event

Jewish Museum of Australia Website

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