There are people in history that will always have guilt cast upon them and one these is Marie Antoinette. A controversial figure, this is demonstrated in the new performance by Heartstrings Production which does not fail to point out the beautiful idiosyncrasies that this person was, and the saddening end to such a privileged life.

Sensitive in portraying the queen in a generous and flamboyant light, one appreciates the humanness of this person in the production, sensitive to the situation of a girl who is married off at the age of 14 in order to create a political alliance between two countries.

Yet most saddening, more than the lack of education or disrespect by the press, is her complete lack of understanding of the political climate in France and inability to rescue herself or her children from the French Revolution.

Confronted by cruel revolutionaries dedicated to the revolution and haunted by her own insecurities and sense of powerless, Marie succumbs to the painful death she seems to have always suspected she would get, and the audience is both struck by the pointlessness of this death, as destructive and pivotal as it was in history. A painful chapter in history, this play is reminder of the human victims behind some of history’s greatest villains.

Rating: 4/ 5 stars


Location: Northcote Town Hall (189 High Street, Northcote)

Times: Varying times – see website for full details

Tickets: $33 Full, $28 Concession, and $25 Preview

Bookings online or phone: 03 9481 9500

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