Many design, textile or fashion fans will tell you that once you see the iconic designs of Finnish textile and fashion company, Marimekko, you recognise them for life.

An iconic company that made its name during the golden age of post-war modernism, the company rose to fame in the 1960s and 1970s with its bold screen prints and pop-art style graphics.

Iconic in its day, the rise of the company coincided with the emerging liberation of women, the founding of Marimekko, or ‘Mary dress’ as the name literally translates, represents a pure concept – that the wearer is free from rules and constraints.

This exhibition traces the history of Marimekko’s meteoric rise from the 1950s to today, and looks at the dualities that define its aesthetic.

Showcasing its iconic fabric patterns and unconventional ready-to-wear outfits, the exhibition demonstrates how the designs brought colour and informality to an otherwise self-conscious fashion world.

Displaying more than 60 outfits, with swathes of original fabrics, homewares, sketches and other archival materials, the exhibition highlights the work of the talented individuals who defined this local textile practice and created its internationally recognisable designs.

The Marimekko: Design Icon exhibition will also offer a full public program of events, including two curator talks presented by the Helsinki Curator. For a full list of the program, see here.

Sure to enchant the textile fan, designer or fashion historian, see the Full Marimekko Design Icon: 1951 to 2018.


Bendigo Art Gallery

Dates: 3 March- 11 June 2018

Times: 10am to 5pm every day (including all public holidays)

Location: 42 View Street, Bendigo

Bendigo Art Gallery Website

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