Art and environment aid virtual visitors at the McClelland Sculpture Park

Artwork: Phil Price, 'Tree of Life', 2012, carbon and glass fibres, epoxy, precision bearings, stainless steel, (1000 x 1040 x 1040 cm). Collection of McClelland, Southern Way McClelland Commission, 2013 (Photo: Vaughan Laws)

Inspired minds have come together to offer an art and wellbeing series at the McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery.

Offering the best in art, environment and meditation, the series is a unique program developed by McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery to give its virtual visitors during the COVID-19 lockdown an experience aimed at helping their mental wellbeing.

The online initiative, Inspired Minds: an art and wellbeing series, explores how art and nature can foster positive mental health and wellbeing.

Drawing inspiration from McClelland’s unique setting of art in a bushland environment, the series involves a meditative aerial video exploration of some of the key sculptures in the McClelland Sculpture Park.

Director of McClelland, Lisa Byrne, says the series was developed in response to growing concerns about the mental health impacts of COVID-19 pandemic.

“We believe the combination of art, environment and meditation can provide a positive relief and inspiration for our community. The 2019 World Health Organisation summary report demonstrated strong evidence for the role of the arts in improving health and wellbeing.

“We want to inspire audiences and help them to – quite literally – take some height with aerial drone views of key sculptures accompanied by the guided meditation – presenting a discovery of the Park through another angle, and possibly a discovery of themselves,” said Ms Byrne.

Inspired Minds offers a series of online meditation exercises focused on aerial videos of sculptures at McClelland, available free of charge through the McClelland website here.

The first programs in the six-part Inspired Minds series are:

On Connection, a Sculptural Meditation which draws inspiration from the Tree of Life by Phil Price (2012), an iconic sculpture from McClelland’s collection.

On Impermanence, a Sculptural Meditation which draws inspiration from Rex Australis – The King is dead, long live the King by Dean Colls (2012), an iconic sculpture from McClelland’s collection.

On Connection (2012)

The series was produced in partnership with mental health experts, The Mind Room.

Psychologist and co-founder of The Mind Room, Jo Mitchell, says the Inspired Mind series of visual meditations helps bring the viewer to the sculptures and the sculptures to the viewer.

“This is an immersive experience that taps into the senses and helps the viewer explore their relationship with the sculptures, the environment and themselves. Particular aspects of the art works are highlighted as are themes of perspective, playfulness, connection and impermanence. The viewer is encouraged to go wherever the work takes them on a immerse sculptural journey.

“When we experience challenging times in our lives or are looking to grow and change, many of us turn to art and creativity to help guide us. Whether we are consuming or creating it - or a mixture of both - our tendency to reach for books, music, art and array of other artistic and creative forms reminds us that it can have a transformative power in our lives,” said Ms Mitchell.

McClelland has been closed to visitors because of the COVID-19 pandemic since 15 March 2020, and will announce plans for re-opening upon the lifting of lockdown restrictions.

Improve your wellness and view the beautiful series on their website to add some art and creativity to your mental wellbeing this lockdown.


McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery

Location: 390 McClelland Drive, Langwarrin, 3910

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